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Welcome to D E Lanier Marketing

        If you’re wondering what PLR is all about and how can you use it to build a business, keep reading. Quite simply, it is copyright-free content where the work has already been largely done for you. And you purchase the license to use the content however you wish. We are the largest and fastest growing suppliers of PLR content in the online realm. We are not only elite providers of the hottest PLR products available, but we also offer a monstrous vault of high-quality content from way back. It’s our duty as content creators and suppliers to provide you with unlimited content for you to use to build your business to the highest level. Every month, we add anywhere up to a hundred brand new eBooks, software, graphics, videos, audios, and article packs.        The content on our site is developed by some of the world’s most talented product-creators. Each product comes with a specific license to allow you to use these products to help you to become successful in your online entrepreneurial ventures. Many of the most successful internet marketers have built their multi-million dollar empire using our copyright-free content. That includes business-owners with monstrous lists of targeted customers along with product-developers who are selling top-notch information-products to their clients. You won’t need to develop your own as it’s all ready and waiting for you at the click of a button! You can take our product, re brand it, and resell it to your customer-base as you wish and keep all the profit! 

D E Lanier Marketing Is Your Number One Source for Digital Products

       In the growing world of online marketing and big money product launches, digital products are all the rave and for good reason. These are not physical goods that require shipping and packing and shelf-space. They can be distributed to anyone in the world with a click of a mouse. And the market size for digital content is astronomical, especially in today’s tech world along with the mobile space where everyone is connected. You can sell anything including eBooks, tutorials, courses, software, any type of audio including music and podcasts, etc. There really are no limits to what you can sell online.        Do you want to build your own e-course to gain subscribers and readers? Do you want to have your own website which offers high quality downloadable digital products for users? Would you like to build a killer product with all the bells and whistles and sell it on retail platforms like Clickbank and JVZoo with tens of thousands of affiliates ready to promote your product to their lists of customers? Do you want to run your own membership which offers downloadable products or drip-fed content to your audience? Do you want to be a super successful blogger and populate your blog with amazing content for your readers on a frequent basis?       The possibilities and potential are endless. And we have the stock to help you out big time! If you’re still needing a little more convincing, let us show you what you can expect as a member along with everything that you’ll be receiving when you sign up today. 


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Everything you Need to Succeed with PLR…



Handpicked high-quality PLR eBooks to re-brand and re-sell as your own.



Premium PSD bundles, editable vector images and much more.



Download our niche video content and re-sell to your own customers.


Add music to your videos and presentations and stand out from the crowd.


Quality-assured content you can re-purpose and publish as your own.

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Our dedicated team is there to help you get the best from  D E Lanier Marketing.